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READING: Proverbs 12:22-28

Today’s Passage Presents To Us Some Of The Dualisms To Life Regarding Beneficial And Unbeneficial Habits Or Attitudes To Life. These Are Either To Be Treasured Or Despised Based On The Influence Or Impact They Make In Our Lives, Which Will Either Make Or Mar Us. Of These Dualities Mentioned, The Writer In Verse 27 Emphasised That, “Diligence Is A Man’s Treasured Possession.”


Being Diligent Has Proven To Be Valuable In All Spheres Of Life. The Hand Of The Diligent Will Always Rule Because In Prudence, It Will Work Hard, Make Gains, Cherish And Preserve His Gains. But The Hand That Is Not Diligent Is Lazy, Lacking Prudence And Cannot Preserve His Gains, ‘What He Took In Hunting’ (V27). There Is No Doubt That Even In Spiritual Matters, Only The Diligent Will Escape Death, Because It Also Takes Diligence And Prudency To Live Righteously. Proverbs 12:28, “In The Way Of The Righteous Is Life, And In Its Pathway There Is No Death.” Beloved Of God, Treasure Diligence As Your Precious Possession!


PRAYER: Dear Lord, Please Help Me To Be Diligent And Prudent In All My Dealings.