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READING: Proverbs 13:1-12

Years Back, One Of Our Friends In The Fellowship Joined Another Church Because According To Her, “They Don’t Teach Us How To Get Rich In The Anglican Church.” By The Time She Made Her Way Back To The Church Again, She Was Broke, Having Been
Defrauded Through Erroneous Teachings. Many Young People Today Are Like This Young Lady, Desiring To Be Taught How To Get Rich. In Today’s Passage There Are Salient Points On Getting Rich That We Would Explore.

You Cannot Be Rich By Trying To Enrich Yourself. If You Do, You Will Have Nothing (See V7). The Right Attitude Is To Make Yourself Poor Through Giving The Right Way. Luke 6:38, “Give And It Will Be Given To You: Good Measure, Pressed Down, Shaken Together, And Running Over…” Scheming For Wealth Through Dishonest Gain May Enrich You, But The End May Be Distasteful. Conscious Effort To Gather Through Labour Pays Off (V 11). Finally, Do Not Just Fold Your Hands In Laziness Thinking That Manna Will Fall From Heaven. Be Diligent And Labour, Because The Soul Of The Diligent Shall Be Made Rich (V4).

PRAYER: Dear Lord, Teach Me The Right Attitude To Getting Riches.