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READING: I Thessalonians 4:1-12 

The life of a Christian is marked by a desire and commitment to do the will of God through a steady spiritual growth (2Pet. 3:18). Every disciple of Jesus Christ must know that the more he grows, the more he needs to grow the more. He can never come to any point in his life where he thinks that he has reached the final level of spiritual growth.

When therefore the Lord calls us to live a life of holiness, we do so by seeking to live according to His righteous standards. We do so by daily feeding on His word and as we
obey Him by the power of the Holy Spirit, we get continually sanctified (that is, made holy). Holiness is an attribute of God. And we must strive to be holy just as our heavenly Father is holy (1 Pet. 1:15, 16).


Sexual Immorality

Like the Thessalonian Christians, we live in a society where sexual immorality is taken for granted. It is often seen as a normal act of pleasure. But the truth is that it is highly
offensive to God; and whosoever indulges in it commits sin and brings himself under God’s judgement. Brother/sister, immorality (expressed in adultery/fornication) is evil before God and no one who truly loves God and his/her fellow Christian, can afford to indulge in illicit sexual relations with his neighbour. Among other things, adultery does great damage to your marriage, it gives the enemies of Christ the opportunity to ridicule the Church (2 Sam.12:14). You hurt a lot of people who have hitherto respected and looked up to you.

Beloved if you have been involved in this sin and you think that nobody knows about it or that God will overlook it, you are deceiving yourself. Cry to the Lord now and repent of it. Ask God for the grace to turn away from it and He will answer you.



PRAYER: Loving Jesus I thank you that no matter how terrible my sin may be, it is not too much for your blood to wash away. I receive your forgiveness and pray for grace to begin a new life of holiness. I
pray in your name, Amen.