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READING: Matthew 24:32-44

Every major event which ever affected and changed human history – especially as far as God’s dealing with man was concerned would already have been predicted. There were such examples as:

(i)                 The destruction of the first world in a deluge, with the saving of only Noah and his family in the ark,

(ii)               The birth of Jesus the Saviour,

(iii)             The destruction of Jerusalem and, in particular, the Temple as predicted by Daniel (Mark 13:2).

God never really keeps people in the dark concerning what He wants to do – not even unbelievers. But the tragedy of man is that he chooses to ignore God’s warning and live his life as if nothing is wrong. However, Jesus Christ, in talking about His second coming, made it clear that all over the world, there shall be an escalation of natural disasters, crimes, emergence of false Christs and false prophets, wars and terrible godlessness. These are even as we already see them happening today. Even the desecration of the Church is seen in the influx of evil doctrines and teachings that tend to water down the gospel of our salvation. But true Christians who know their God need not worry. They shall be preserved to see the glorious appearance of the Lord.

While waiting however, we must make ourselves available as messengers to sound this warning (Matt. 24:31). Let us therefore forsake every sinful habit or lifestyle which
may make us unworthy of meeting our Saviour in His glory. Jesus will surely come again whether people believe it or not (Matt. 3:8-10). Dear Christian, will you be in the number when the Saints go marching in?



PRAYER: Dear Lord, I agree with your Word which tells me that You will come again. Please, help me to live a life worthy of my calling, Amen.