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READING: Mathew 3:1 – 17  

The ministry of John the Baptist was based on his true conviction of his calling. His message was focused and direct: “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” John preached the
good news and also lived it out. He was not known for miracles, signs, and wonders. His major activity in the wilderness of Judea was preaching and baptizing. If it were today, many of us wouldn’t have been attracted to his ministry. Reason: he was not known for miracles. We need to learn that the message and lifestyle of a minister makes the minister. We should equally realize that the highest miracle one can get in life is repentance that brings salvation. Take a closer look at verse 11 and see how John displayed practical humility in service.  At the peak of his ministry, he was so humble to tell his congregation that somebody that was greater than him was coming. Christians of our generation need to learn from John.


The call for repentance is a continuous call. It only yields fruit in the lives of those that heed it. God is specifically interested in your life. Why must you continue in the same type of life
that separates you from God’s love? God wants you to walk with Him so that He can prepare you to work for him. Don’t turn down this special call. His grace is sufficient for you.



PRAYER: Gracious Father, give me the grace to fulfill my earthly ministry in humility and faithfulness.