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READING: Matthew 2:13 – 23

In his desperate attempt to kill Jesus, Herod killed all the boys in Bethlehem that were two years old and under. He succeeded in staining his hands with the blood of innocent
children, but failed in his desire to kill Jesus. No person can stop the plan of God. Herod misunderstood the mission of Jesus Christ. He thought that Jesus came to take over his throne. He never knew that Jesus did not desire his throne; he rather wanted to be the King of His life. No condition in life is permanent. Herod, who took other people’s lives, later died and left the throne (v19).


Many of us today behave like Herod in our areas of influences. To protect our position, we destroy other people’s career and future with gossip, false accusation and dangerous
set-ups. To get and retain power and probably remain relevant we kill, defame and even engage in evil commitments that can attract curses to our lives and families. Don’t ever use any privilege God gives you to harm or destroy others. The measure you give is the measure you will receive.  Look into your life today and remove any cobweb of evil intention in it.


PRAYER: Ask God to make you a helper not a destroyer.