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READING: John 1:1-18

A person’s word reveals his or her heart and mind. Jesus as the Word reveals the heart and mind of God. John’s record shows Jesus as fully human and fully God. Jesus Christ was not created, He is eternal. He is the true light that gives light to our ways so that we can see how to live. Any person who welcomes Jesus in his life receives new life from God. Being born of God makes one spiritually alive and puts one in God’s family (v12).  For our redemption, Jesus offered his life and allowed his blood to be shed. This simply shows that the cost of our salvation is high.


You are highly valued by God that Christ was killed for you to live. Jesus left his throne and came and died to redeem you. Don’t abuse this grace. Accept His offer of salvation and
you will automatically be admitted into the family of God with all its privileges. There is no better privilege you can get in life than these.


PRAYER: I confess my loyalty to you Lord Jesus.