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READING: Psalm 8:1-9

“Gratitude” they say “is the best attitude.” Having passed through the challenges and experiences of this year, you need to thank God for his grace, sustenance and mercy. A close look at verse 3 shows us that we cannot pay for the resources God allows us to use. Just think about the light of the day, the gift of the night for rest, the moon and the stars. Consider what would have happened if the constant light of the day were to be supplied by the National or private power authorities. People would have been compelled to pay for service they did not get. The privileged ones would have made fortunes out of it at the expense of the less privileged. But God gives it free of charge to every person.


Take time today to praise the Lord. Thank Him for His goodness and wonderful works to you and your family. Thank Him for the free gift of nature and the wonderful value He has placed on you. Yes, there may be some expectations you did not meet this year. If you are not satisfied with what you achieved, be thankful for what you have escaped. Thank God today and prayerfully ask for His grace to see the last day of 2019. Remember, one good turn deserves another.


PRAYER: Take time to appreciate God and ask for His grace in the days and years ahead.