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Young Wives Fellowship

What is the YWF?

The Young Women’s Fellowship (YWF) is a fellowship that was instituted to take care of the spiritual needs of young wives (and women) whose marriages are 15 years old and younger.

It was initially called the Young Wives Fellowship till the name was recently changed to Young Women’s Fellowship, to include young ladies who are not married but need to belong to a group in order to take care of such spiritual needs.

Who is YWF for?

It is for women married for 15 years and below.
It is also for women who are young at heart.
The YWF is for women who feel they do not belong to the Mother’s Union or Women’s Guild due to marital status, but still want to belong to a fellowship.


Currently, there are about 35 members of the Young Women’s Fellowship here at All Souls Church, with more people joining the fellowship every now and then. The fellowship also has a coordinator and a matron, both spiritually grounded women.

Meeting Date & Time

We meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month, at 4.30pm in the Sunday School Hall of the church.

Who is YWF for?

We meet and share the word of God. There is a programme developed at the diocesan level, with predetermined topics which are assigned to different members to treat.
We share experiences in marriage and offer Bible based support.
We pray together.
We give one another support, by way of attending functions and visiting one another.
And other programmes as they come up.

Every now and again, there are programmes that are arranged by the Diocese of Lagos which we attend. Such programmes include:

Prayer fest, which is when all members of the fellowship in the entire diocese come together to pray to God in one voice.
YWF annual retreat. Churches in the diocese have been categorized into Archdeaconries & Zones. A particular church in a zone is chosen to host the retreat, where relevant topics are treated by experienced scholars, praises are offered to God & fun is had.

As “iron sharpeneth iron”, we learn from, and support one another when we fellowship together. We also receive the strength that we need to do the work of God and we give Him all the glory!