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READING: John 5:36-47 

The Pharisees and the scribes were a very peculiar kind of people. They had access to the scriptures where they read and studied about the Messiah. And yet before them was standing the Messiah with all the evidence of his messiahship.
Despite all that, they refused to accept him. Why? Because they had made up their minds not to. This, however, is not unusual. There are many today who may claim to have read the Bible from cover to cover, yet they are not able to retain anything of the enlightenment which comes from the Holy Spirit. You cannot gain true knowledge if you shut out the source of knowledge from your life. David prayed this prayer
concerning the scripture.


Open thou mine eyes, that I may
Behold the wondrous things
Out of thy law (Psalm 119:18)


When you search the scripture with a haughty spirit, you will only be going on a “wild goose chase.”

The Jews had seen the works and miracles of Jesus. They had seen the divine wisdom in his message. His lifestyle was so revolutionary that they had never seen anything like it. Yet they refused to believe, simply because they had made
up their minds not to.

Dear reader, are there still areas in our faith about which you have continued to argue with the Word of God? Humble yourself today and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you, in Jesus’ Name. Turn the following verse into prayer.


Lord, Thy Word abideth

And our footstep guideth,

Who, its truth believeth

Light and joy receiveth.