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READING: 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17

If we, who were once alienated from God now have become His children by the New Covenant, it is by God’s own choice. And we must be humble and thankful. If we truly have experienced the joy and peace in being a follower of Christ Jesus, the natural thing for us to do is to seek to share it with anybody and everybody.

But our lifestyle must show that” this thing” is real. If there is no difference between our “before” and our” now”, then we must put a bold question mark on our new birth.
But if on the other hand, it is clear to everybody we come in contact with, that we have become a “new creature” then our new character must challenge the unbeliever.

It is naive to think that everyone will be pleased with us. Their new life is a challenge to them. You are light and they are darkness. So your very presence judges them –
especially as you can no longer participate with them in their evil practices. And, you know, the world has no better treatment for the righteous than to persecute them. But rather than be discouraged, this must make you more determined to succeed in the” struggle” to live for Christ.

What tough times are you facing in your home, business, school, social circle or any circumstance whatsoever on account of your righteous stand? That trial is necessary and allowed by God to make you grow in the Faith.

Christianity is a universal experience. What you are passing through is not peculiar to you. You are actually sharing in the life of true Christians all over the world; rejoice
and be glad.



PRAYER: Dear Lord Jesus Christ, as I share in the sufferings of my brethren in other parts of the world, teach us to uphold one another in prayer and that in doing so, we may grow more and more in your grace.