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READING: Acts 8: 1-4

The death of Stephen was glorious. While he was alive, he preached the message of the kingdom (Acts 7). When he was killed, his death led to the spread of the gospel (Acts 8:4).
God works in a mysterious way. Humanly, one would have questioned while God allowed a resourceful and committed person like Stephen to be stoned to death. But God allowed it
for a purpose. Learn to subject your will to the will of God. Saul played the role of an evil agent here. The discomfort Christians got led to the spread of the gospel. Don’t wait for
your comfort to be taken away before you start doing the right thing. Don’t equally be a fair weather Christian who is only interested in positions and possession. You are called to
call others. God may not allow us to achieve comfort in life or a church that will distort his plan for the spread of the gospel. Take a practical step today. Evaluate your life, work and
engagements and see how they tally with God’s plan for the works of the kingdom. God kept you where you are for a purpose. As the people that were scattered went everywhere, they preached the word (v4), learn from them and do likewise. God expects you to be his agent in your place of influence.


PRAYER: Heavenly Father, make me a practical instrument for the propagation of the gospel.