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READING: Matthew 1:18 – 25

Jesus came to save us from our sins (v22). God used Mary and Joseph to fulfill His plan for the birth of Jesus. The testimony about Joseph’s life in today’s text is worth commending. He was described as a just man (v9). In Luke 1 vs. 27, Mary was also referred to as a virgin. This simply shows that both Joseph and Mary were people of noble character. Any person that desires to be entrusted with divine assignment must resolve to follow the pathway of honour. God did not allow Mary to be put to shame. In Joseph’s state of confusion, God did not allow him to make mistakes. God will not forsake us when we are doing His will. For the deep regard Joseph had for God’s programme, he kept himself and did not know Mary till she gave birth to Jesus (v25).


God created you for a special purpose. You need discipline, self-control, and integrity to fulfill your ministry. Jesus was given a name in line with His earthly ministry. How do you live out your name and how do you help others around you to live out their names? God honours integrity. You will be entrusted with valuable things when you can be trusted. Your destiny lies in the type of choice you make. Learn to be disciplined and focused.


PRAYER: Ask God for His grace to fulfill His calling upon your life.