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Last week, we saw how God began to provide food for His own in the wilderness. We also saw further that there are some of us the over comers who will one day eat of the hidden manna reserved for us in heaven. Today, we want to see how Moses hadled the situation when Isreal came face to face with her first battle on her way to the promised land. May God quicken our understanding as we study at His feet in Jeusus Name. Amen.


A Time To Fight and A Time To Pray

When war came, Moses appointed a military while he remained the spiritual captain. Joshua wielded the physical sword, Moses weilded the spiritual sword, both combined with the co-operation of Aaron and Hur to give victory to the children of Isreal. There is no substitute for the leader’s hands however, since it is clearly seen that it is the hand of Moses that ultimately determined the course of the battle. Furthermore, we see more glaringly that the Lord is a very good friend and an extremely dangerous enemy.


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