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READING: 2 Timothy 1:8-18

Yesterday’s meditation on 2 Timothy 1:1-7, with particular reference to verse 7, draws our attention to the simple truth that Christians are so blessed, considering what God has deposited in them; that what they carry can be likened to a dynamite, which is meant to be used to glorify God and devastate the devil. Indeed, as we shall now see, that which is deposited in us is good and must be guarded. In the passage for today’s meditation, Paul addresses the need for Timothy to hold on tightly to the Lord’s resources deposited in him which he calls “the good deposit” (v14). Of course verse 13 tells us what this good deposit is – it is “the pattern of sound teaching.”


Beloved, the good deposit entrusted to us which we must guard include the gospel truth that Christ died for our sins; that He was raised from the dead; that He ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the Father; and that He will come again to judge the living and the dead (The Apostles’ Creed). As we read in verse 13, we are to keep this sound teaching “with faith and in love in Christ Jesus”; and in verse 14, to guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, to guard the good deposit, our faith in Christ must be kept alive, as we contend for the faith once delivered to the saints (v13 cf Jude v3). We will be keeping it alive as we hold on to the truth of the gospel and grow in it. Also, to guard the good deposit, our love in Christ -love for God and our fellow men must be kept warm and never allowed to grow cold (v13 cf Matt. 24:12).

Finally, the Holy Spirit who lives in us must be allowed to lead us (v14 cf Rom. 8:14). It is only by His help we can truly guard the good deposit.


PRAYER: Heavenly Father, grant that the good deposit entrusted to me will never be corrupted in my life’s journey, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.